Why cosmetic clinics should be blogging in 2015


Clinic blog that converts patients 2014 has ended and your clinic will be reviewing its marketing and advertising spend for 2015.  A big trend we are hearing from Practice Managers is that traditional marketing and advertising channels like magazine ads, TV ads, Radio ads or bill boards did not result in enough new patients to make them viable in 2015.
So, many clinics have come to the realisation that in 2015, they will control their own new patient acquisition strategies. To do this, clinics are looking online.
If you are looking to move much of your medical marketing spend online in 2015 then a high performing clinic blog is the best medical marketing money you can invest in.
High quality content will be the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts. The effort you put into your clinic blog will make marketing through Social Media, Google and email so much easier.

First of all, lets talk about what a clinic blog or business blog is?

More commonly known as a business blog, it is a place on your website to regularly publish and promote your companies content to attract visitors (potential patients) to your site.
If we go back 5 maybe 10 years, blogs were mostly personal accounts written by individuals who wanted to share their lives, travel experiences and stories about their 20 cats… Today this has all changed.
Clinic blogging is essential in your medical marketing strategySo maybe we are asking the wrong question. Not why should you blog in 2015, but why shouldn’t you?
Many practice managers are seeing competition reduce new patient numbers and margins to their clinic. Something in 2015 needs to change and doing the same thing will result in the same outcome at the end of 2015.
So instead of wasting a year doing the same thing as last year, download the free eBook – “A step-by-step guide to a clinic blog that attracts and converts patients”.

What’s the good news for 2015?

The good news for your clinic is that the Healthcare, Cosmetic and Beauty market are approximately two years behind other industries in business blogging. Most other industries have been investing heavily into online marketing with fantastic results.
Why, because online marketing is the only marketing or advertising channel where you know exactly how many new patients you are getting for your marketing or PR dollar. No more paying a PR agency and praying, online marketing is measurable and identifiable medical marketing ROI. How’s that for good news. The other good news is that your competitors are probably in the same place as you, not exploiting online.

What is my competition doing?

A great thing to do when you have five minutes is to jump onto three of your competitor websites and check out their blog. From research that Engage Online Marketing completed at the end of 2014, 9 / 10 clinics either don’t have a blog, don’t maintain their blog properly or aren’t using it correctly.
To find out what we mean by maintaining a clinic blog or using one correctly, click here to download the free eBook – Operating on your clinic blog
But this is just the start of what we discovered
If a clinic does spend the time or money to write useful content that will attract and engage people to their clinic, that is as far as they get, attracting people. To read how you can convert these visitors into paying customers, see the article – “Why 9 / 10 clinic blogs leave money on the table”.
On the funny side we also found a clinic whose blog was password protected… mysterious.


So where too in 2015?

An effective Clinic Blog is the foundation of Medical MarketingAs we discussed at the beginning of this article, your clinic blog should be the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts. Content is king in online marketing because if you don’t have anything to engage people on your website then no potential patients will visit your website.
If you don’t have anything to engage people on Facebook then no one will like or share your posts and Social Media marketing will be a waste of your time. In fact if you don’t produce your own content then you will most end up resorting to the joke of the day on Facebook. Hands up if you have done this… the death of a Facebook page.

So get that valuable content up on your website in 2015 and provide your current customers with some valuable content to share, new visitors to consume and something likable to share on Facebook.


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