Why Medical Practices Are Getting Into Trouble

Why Cosmetic Clinics Are Getting Into TroubleAs a specialist marketing agency to GPs and Medical Practices taking over a lot of new clients' websites or managing websites on behalf of multiple practices, we see many medical practices get into trouble and losing control of their most important marketing accounts because they don't actually own their website or Google Adwords account or Facebook Account.
What many agencies will do to save time and the hassle of waiting for a practice owner, is they will set up these accounts under their own name, under their email address, under their control. Which means if something goes wrong with this relationship (which it often does with agencies or contractors that cut corners), you may find that you are in the position where you don't have control of your most important marketing assets, your website or Facebook or your Google accounts.
In this article I will tell you how to set up your own accounts and give access to any providers to manage these on your behalf.
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How to maintain control of your business accounts

When dealing with an agency or contractor, it is important to communicate to them that you want to own all of your own accounts. I know this sound like it is common sense but more often than not, you don't actually own your account. 

Website access

When you engage a website designer or agency or contractor to design and build your website, it is important that these three things are under your name
1) The domain name - this is the website address or URL for example yourpractice.com. This has to be purchased for a certain number of years and renewed ongoing. You must make sure that you register the domain and give your contact access to the account in crazydomains, goddaddy etc
2) Website hosting - once you have purchased your website address e.g. yourpractice.com then you need to pay for a service to host or store all of the website files etc. This is referred to as website hosting and you will pay $5-$6 per month for bad, slow hosting or you will pay $10-$20 per month for really good hosting that will deliver your website very fast to anyone visiting it. The speed of your website is very important for SEO and website usability. If you have a slow website then you will lose people, they will just click back to Facebook or Instagram. We recommend cloudways.com but we are digressing now.
So make sure that you set up and pay for the hosting of your website and give your website person access to this to do what they do.
3) Wordpress - Wordpress is what 80% of the websites are designed on. There is not a cost to buy or use Wordpress, this is a free platform that is referred to as a content management system (CMS) as it holds all of the content of your website, images, words, pages, blog etc. Wordpress is what you would log into when you want to make a change to your website, usually by going to yourpractice.com/wp-admin
In Wordpress you give access to your website by adding a user. Make sure that you have administrator access to your website.

Facebook & Google Ads Accounts

When it comes to Facebook and Google Ads, again you will see some of the more suspect (dodgy) providers setting these up under their own name/ account and sending you reports. This means you can not verify the work they are doing or the results they are getting or even how much they are spending on ads (cost per click). This is because you don't have access to your own account to go in and check whenever you want. You must rely on their reporting to be accurate and honest.

Securing Your Facebook Accounts

Facebook Page
You should create your own Facebook page which is your practice or Dental practice's business page. You can then give access to anyone by going to "Settings" and then "Page Roles" to give them access. Here is a Facebook article on how to do this: https://www.facebook.com/help/187316341316631
Facebook Ad Account
Owning your Facebook ad account is one of the most important. One of the most powerful things you can do in Facebook is use the "Facebook Pixel" which is a piece of code that gets added to your website and associates and stores each visitor on your website in your Facebook Ads account. You can then target these people with Facebook Ads for up to 180 days and those who engage with your Facebook page or ads for up the 365 days!
So if you don't own your Facebook ad account, you will not have access to this extremely valuable targeting if you have to start a new ad account from scratch. To set up your Facebook ad account follow the instructions here from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657

Securing Your Google Accounts 

(Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Console)
Google My Business
What is it - Google My Business or GMB is the Google account that displays in Google search if you search for your practice name (should display in search). It has your contact details in it, opening hours, photos, map etc. It also shows up in Google Maps or in a Google search in the listing of 3-4 maps results when you do a Google search like "laser hair removal Sydney" or "doctor near me". 
Make sure you have registered and verified your GMB listing by going to https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/business/. Once you have your listing verified and under your control, you can then give access to anyone who needs it to optimise it. There are three levels of users you can add in GMB owner (you), Managers and Site Managers.
For more information on each of these and how to add users, see this link:
Google Analytics
What is it - Google Analytics allows you to see the analytics of people who visit your website. From number of people all the way down to if they visited on a mobile or desktop to where they visited from (country, city). Google Analytics contains key information about how your marketing is working and where you are getting website visitors and customers from.
To create a Google Analytics account you can go to http://www.google.com/analytics/ to get started. Again you can add users to your account. to learn about Google Analytics and how to add users etc, see this link - https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008015?hl=en
Google Console (was called Google Webmaster Tools)
What is it - Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results. Probably the most interesting feature for practice owners is under the "Performance" tab on the left, you can see the most popular search terms that visitors to your website clicked on, AWESOME!
There are so many articles and videos on how to use Google Console, you can Google this.
Finally Google Ads (used to be called Google Adwords)
This is by far the most abused account by agencies and contractors. It boggles my mind how many practice owners have no idea what they are paying a provider for. More importantly in the medical industry, you have no idea how your Google Ads provider is promoting your services or what promises they are making to consumers to get them into the practice. 
It is critical that you own your Google Ads account and you give access to your provider to manage this on your behalf if you don't want to do this yourself. 
I trust that this has been useful and if you want to learn in depth how to use Facebook, Google as well as how to do SMS marketing and email marketing, have a look at this case study and training - https://aestheticbusinessresults.com/case-study
Jonathan Carroll
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