Why 9 out of 10 clinic blogs leave money on the table


Does medical marketing have you stumpedI have a clinic blog and it is very, very popular. My Google Analytics package tells me the traffic to my blog has grown 15% over the last year and I currently get 15,000 hits per month just to my blog. Is that good?
This is a common conversation Engage Online Marketing has with cosmetic clinic or dental clinics. We are happy with the visitors to our blog.
The next question we ask usually has a Practice Manager or Clinic Director stumped.

Having a popular and well performing blog is a great thing, in fact we call it a great start in medical marketing. It is a great start because you have done 70% of the work to get a visitor to your site but what happens then?

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If your website relies on a visitor picking up the phone and calling your clinic then you are leaving money on the table every day. In fact you're treating online marketing like traditional marketing. This is very common as 90% of the marketing spends in the Healthcare, Cosmetic and Beauty industries are with traditional marketing or advertising mediums.
In these mediums like radio ads, billboards, magazine ads etc, you have no choice but too wait for someone to call your clinic. That is the only way a potential patient can interact with you in the traditional marketing channels.

This is the complete opposite with online marketing; you can identify a visitor as they are interacting with your advertising, can talk to them when they are viewing your advertising and most importantly you can collect their contact details as they are viewing your advertising.

In this article we will look at a simple way you can turn your visitors into leads on your clinic blog.


The good news is, Medical Marketing has changed for the better

Why has it changed for the better. No longer do you have to wait until a potential patient calls you before you can start convincing them that your clinic and your surgeon(s) are the best at what they do. This is why 9 out of 10 clinics are leaving money on the table.
If you set up your clinic blog and website correctly and carefully, you can collect a visitors contact details and they can agree to receive information from you. The journey a person takes from a stranger to a new patient is complex, they have questions, concerns and fears. The good news for your clinic is groups of potential patients have similar questions, fears and concerns.
What we are looking to do is to attract strangers and turn them into visitors to your website. We then want to convert these visitors into leads and then close them into customers.
Once you have set up your website to address these areas, it is now scalable and will keep on producing new leads and new patients 24/7. It will be like your own clinic sales rep, except they will never get sick, never take a holiday and never sleep…ah the perfect employee.

Start with a Call-to-Action

One of the biggest mistakes we see in our industry is not making it blindingly obvious to a visitor what they should do next. They have arrived at your page because the information appeals to them, you have done 70% of the work to get them to your website but what do they do now? Do they think, that was great but I really must get back to work or my train is pulling into the station I must remember to come back to this page and see what else they have.
Today’s visitors are busy, multi-taking people. So make it easy for them to see what they should do next. If they like your content and what to hear more, can they sign up to regular emails (daily, weekly or monthly)? Can they view a video on the procedure they are interested in? Can they download a guide to the procedure they are interested in including FAQ’s, costs, recovery times etc?

What is a Call-to-Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a visual indicator or button that tells a casual reader what to do next. They usually link to a landing page with an offer. This offer could be a valuable piece of content or a consultation (phone or face-to-face). It also allows your clinic to ask for contact information that turns a visitor into a lead for your clinic. Depending on the value of the offer on the landing page will depend on the amount of information you can ask for from a visitor. The minimum you will need is email address and first name.

What is the next piece of information a reader will seek?

If they have just read an article on the risks for a breast augmentation, what is the next piece of content that they should be reading? Is it a guide to breast augmentation, is it an article on pricing, is it booking a consultation, is it booking a phone consultation to have their questions answered?
Either way there needs to be a call to action at the end of every article you write that tells the visitor, this is the next piece of information on this topic you’re interested in.
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