What’s Your Clinic’s 2017 Online Marketing Strategy?

January 2017 Blog - online strategy.pngFacebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and Organic Traffic (SEO) are marketing channels or sources of leads. The one thing that all of these marketing channels rely on is a website (to send the click to) and an online strategy or a proven way of working that will effectively convert the website visitors into paying customers (the ticky part).

As a marketing agency that has advised and worked with hundreds of clinics and practices in the beauty and aesthetic industry, we see many clinics doing Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords or Organic Search (SEO), but very rarely do we see an overarching strategy designed to synchronise all four of these channels so your advertising dollars are maximised.

In 2017 your website, more than ever, will be your most important marketing asset. Facebook and Instagram will be the best platform for a clinic to reach people who have never heard of your clinic and convert people who have looked at your website but not booked a consultation or treatment. 


How to double the likes on your clinic's Facebook page

See our first video of 2017 with a great free tip on maximising the engagement you are getting on your Facebook page. If you are not already doing this simple thing, you will be kicking yourself.


What should your 2017 online strategy consist of?

  1. Tracking - this is one of the most important aspects of your strategy. If you do not have the Facebook code (pixel) on your website, this is a must. This will allow you to associate a visit to your clinic website to your visitors Facebook account and store them in an “audience” that you can use to market to or find people with the same attributes on Facebook.
  3. Conversion – around 3% of the people who land on your website are looking to book a consultation or treatment today. So what do you offer to the other 97% of the people who land on your website? HINT: “Sign up to our newsletter” is not it
  5. Email marketing – many people are saying that email is dead. With over 50% of clinics not marketing to their existing client base, this is one part of your online strategy you should not ignore in 2017. Your client base is your “hottest” opportunity (not only for new business but for referrals as well) and therefore cannot be ignored. Email is just one part of what should be your strategic marketing plan using multiple methods of communication and engagement.


This article will give you and your team some food for thought. In today’s digital world individual tactics or one dimensional ways of attracting website visitors will not cut it. Having multiple providers deliver your Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and SEO without effective communication will lead to a disjointed strategy and poor results in 2017. To be effective in digital marketing in 2017 your clinic needs a synergistic online marketing strategy, where (as Aristotle puts it), “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

We hope 2017 brings your clinic every success.

The team at Engage Online Marketing.