What has replaced the Yellow Pages?

What has replaced the Yellow Pages?If you have been in business in the beauty, aesthetic or dental market for some time, you probably used to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Many clinics’ we talk to, had in the past relied on the Yellow Pages as a source of new local customers or patients. Now, due to no or little return, many of you will have already cancelled your ads in the Yellow Pages or you may be wondering why you are still spending marketing budget with them.


Google is the new Yellow Pages

What is the first thing you do when you are looking for a service or provider?

You Google it.

People looking for your services might be Googling “dental clinic near me” or “skin care clinic near me” and then reviewing the options and reading the reviews for each provider.

The new Yellow pages is Google and it has been for some time. Google now has around 90% market share online (Yahoo and Bing making up 10%). Which means 9/10 of your new customers or patients are going to Google to find services like yours, every day.


How do you advertise on Google?

There are three ways to get in front of potential new clients for your business and for many of our clients, these three represent 50+% of their new business, every month.

  • Google Ads – These sit at the top of Google search, usually 3-4 ads (see image below). They appear based on the search you do. You pay for these ads only when someone clicks on them. With well-written and targeted ads, and budget, you can appear in the top 3-4 listings in under a week, driving traffic to your website and generating calls.

Google Ads rankings

  • Google Maps – Every time you search in Google for a local service you will see three maps results, we call this the “Map Pack” and these are the most relevant businesses that are close to the person searching. A big influencer on how you rank and if someone clicks on your maps listing is how many reviews you have. – See video on review management service (for just $90 per month).

Map Pack rankings

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Below the 3 map results are 10 Organic search results. The majority of people using Google believe that these 10 search results are the most relevant, or what Google says are the best websites based on their search. The trust is high with Organic Google results, therefore they convert much better than any other marketing channel available. In fact, the first 3 Organic results under the maps section receive 60% of the clicks for all Organic search results!

Organic search rankings top 10

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So which of these 3 should I use to replace the Yellow Pages?

The answer… it depends. It does depend on the service or product you are offering. Here are three examples:

  1. If you are marketing dental crowns then SEO or the Organic results will do much better because it is a higher priced service and a more invasive procedure, therefore more research will be done by a consumer.
  2. If you are marketing introductory dental services like a check-up and clean or teeth whitening then ranking in the maps sections would be best as patients on their phone will be looking for a local provider with good reviews and they will usually book by calling you directly from the maps results.
  3. If you were marketing a discount on teeth whitening then Google Ads would be best as you can target 5km from your Practice for people searching for teeth whitening.


However you market your clinic online, there is one thing that is certain, the Yellow Pages is becoming obsolete and Google is where consumers have moved to search for a provider for their needs. The way we can target potential new customers for your business on Google makes it very a cost effective way to attract more clients or patients.


Where to from here? 

Engage Online Marketing only work in the beauty, aesthetic and dental industries. For the majority of new clients we start working with, 90% of the time we start Google Ads (Google Adwords) and SEO at the same time. The reason we do this is we can be at the top of a Google search in under a week (sometimes the next day) with Google Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can take 3 months to get onto page 1 (top 10 results).

Talk to us about your marketing challenges!

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