Top excuses why clinics don't blog...sound familiar?


In analysing the online marketing of 150 cosmetic clinics across Australia we have come across some interesting findings.  The results of this project will be out in the coming months. What we have learnt so far, is that the healthcare, cosmetic and beauty industry is a long way behind other industries when it comes to clinic blogging.
We are coming across some great excuses why a clinic has not spent the time or resources to create a blog that will see them get more patients in 2015. We have listed the top excuses we are hearing in this article.

So lets get into the top excuses we hear and see if any of them are floating around your clinic in the New Year.

No time to write articles or put them on my website

This is the number one reason we hear from clinics for not starting or not maintaining their clinic blog. It is a very valid reason as we know all Practice Managers are busy people who are constantly multi tasking.
Producing a high performing blog that not only attracts visitors to your clinic website, but converts them into leads and then customers is a commitment.
Often we find the reason a blog is not given the time or marketing dollars needed to generate new patients, is that most Practice Managers don’t know what a high performing clinic blog can deliver to their practice. .

If you don't have time to write articles that could attract new patients to your site, click through to our most popular medical marketing service that includes eight bespoke clinic blog articles every month.

Nothing to say

frustrated_at_laptop_250_wideThis is a common excuse or objection and at Engage Online Marketing we get this too, open a new word document and sit there with your fingers on the keyboard…
Some of the most successful companies at generating valuable content that meets the needs of their target audience, have a programme in place that allows the whole company to generate content. Either through incentives or through allowing time in a staff members day, multiple articles can be generated from your client facing staff members.
A quick way to start this off in your next staff meeting is ask everyone to come back with the top five questions they get asked on a daily basis by patients or potential patients. Take the top 10 questions they get asked on a daily basis and turn them into blog articles.
There are two immediate benefits you will see from adding this information to your blog. Firstly, if your staff are getting asked these on a daily basis then you can bet that hundreds more potential patients who don’t talk to your staff will be typing this into Google and looking for the answer. Secondly you can refer customers or potential customers to your blog for further information.

Too many regulations

We work in a very regulated industry, unfortunately too many clinics use this as an excuse to do nothing. It is often too hard to start with the risk of regulations. A good way to mitigate the regulations is to ensure you have good advice. There are industry bodies to turn to, regulators themselves or an agency like Engage Online Marketing who need to keep up-to-date with industry regulations. Working with multiple clinics across Australia means we need to be sure we are keeping our clients on track.

Don’t know where to start

If you don’t have a blog on your website set up, don’t worry, it is not a complicated thing. A blog is essentially another page on your website.  Where a blog differs from a usual page on your website is that it is treated slightly differently by search engines. A blog that has been set up well will immediately alert Google that a new blog post has been created.
Many Practice Managers we speak to know they are not up with the internet, websites, social media, newsletters and everything that goes in between.  So if the internet and your clinic website scare you, click here to download a free guide to creating a clinic blog that will attract and convert patients for you.

My website has me stumped, I don’t even know how to access it

Clinic blog that converts patients As a Practice Manager or Director of a clinic we realise you are stretched in multiple directions and have to be experts in many areas. Online marketing and website creation is a specific and ever changing skill set, so no-one can blame you for not knowing about online.
Unfortunately it is without a doubt the future of marketing and you will need to get your head around the potential of online marketing. As Ignite Spots reports , 77% of internet users read blogs, 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites and 12 million people blog via social networks. On top of this research from Hubspot found that 57% of companies have gained a new customer from their blog.
There are three options you can pursue if you put yourself into the non-technical bucket.

Firstly, you can learn about online marketing

Learning about websites, online, SEO to get a better idea on how online marketing will affect your clinic in the future. The good thing about learning the basics is you can better manage your online efforts. Learning can be gained through a university or online course or by looking online for resources. The draw backs of self learning is that online marketing is ever changing and moving very very fast. It also takes a lot of time as this is a very big subject area. We suggest learning the basics so you have some idea.

Secondly, you can outsource your online efforts

Outsourcing your online medical marketing to an agency like Engage Online Marketing who specialise in your industry is another option. The benefit of this is we are up to date with the latest from SEO to Social Media to lead generation. So you get the most up to date knowledge and you leave the hours and hours of learning each month to us. However it will cost you a monthly fee for Engage Online Marketing to take this off your hands.

Third, you can hire a staff member

Hiring a marketing resource is usually an option for larger clinics or companies with multiple clinics under their umbrella. Either full time or part time medical marketing resource to drive your online strategy and the grunt work of writing articles and optimising your website. The benefit to this approach is you control everything and dove tail your online efforts into your current marketing strategy.
One of the major draw backs of this approach is that many clinics only need 2-5 hours per week to start with and grow with the successes they get to additional hours. The other major draw back is that the skill sets needed are so diverse that one person can’t do everything by themselves so you will either need an agency to advise or create the strategy or work in with an agency.
So that covers the top excuses we hear for not starting a blog. At the end of the day it always comes down to your level of understanding of online marketing and knowing the potential online marketing can deliver to your clinic. After this it is a trade off between time and money (as it so often is). Do you have the time to do this yourself or do you have the budget to pay an agency to do it for you.
If you know both of these then every Practice Manager we know either finds time or budget to invest in online marketing.
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