Social media marketing is easy with a clinic blog

Social media can be a powerful tool to any clinic if used correctly. The fact that the majority of clinics either don’t use social media or use it poorly (we would estimate 98% of clinics) is a huge opportunity for your clinic to beat your competition.
Surprisingly we are not going to talk social media tactics in this article. If you want to know about social media tactics for Facebook, you can download a free copy of our Facebook ebook - injecting more patient leads into your clinic from Facebook.
Before we even look at social media medical marketing for one of our clinics we first look at the content they have to use. Content is the single most important asset you have when it comes to social media marketing.
So in this article we will talk about the kind of content you need to be producing, where this content should be located and how to use it.


Why a clinic blog marries so well with Social Media

Facebook marketing likes a clinic blogSocial Media is about consuming contnt and a clinic blog is about content creation. Use your clinic blog to create content that will attract potential patients from social media into your sales process that starts with your blog.


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It all starts with identifying a need

As we said above you can’t do social media medical marketing without content. But what is content? Content is information created to meet the need of a specific target audience. Ask yourself the question “What would be relevant and help my patients or target customer?” you will start to think about creating the kind of content that will be read, shared and liked by your target audience.
Notice that we have not once mentioned your clinic in this article. That is because effective content that will be found on Google or liked and shared on social media can’t be about your clinic. People don’t want to be told about you, they want to discover your clinic, come to trust your clinic as an industry leader. This is a very important point that is hard for the majority of clinics to get their heads around.

What is relevant content?

Clinic blog that converts patients Relevance by definition is closely connected or appropriate. So do you know what is relevant to your patients? If not think about asking them either in your monthly email newsletter or in consultations. Because the more you know about your patients, what is important to them, their lifestyles etc the better your content will be.
Let’s look at an example. You’re a cosmetic surgery clinic and your main focus is on breast augmentation surgery. You’re target patient is in their mid 20’s and the reason they are looking at this procedure is because they care about their looks and would like these particular looks enhanced. Now asking the questions above around what is relevant to this target audience, that is what is important to them, what is appropriate for them, what is closely connected to them.
Some examples of the kind of information this group would consume:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Skin health
  • Hair
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Fashion

The above list is a quick list of topics that would interest and engage a female in their mid 20’s who cares about their appearance.

Where to put all this content?

All in one place, central and accessible. That’s it, a clinic blog. This part of your website can be one of your biggest marketing assets.
Let’s get back to our example. A female in their mid 20’s has discovered one of your blog articles on fitness and shares it with 10 of her friends on social media. All 10 click through from Facebook to your blog and like it so much they share this with 10 friends. Your article just reached 100 people in your target audience in just under one hour.
Let’s compare this example to traditional marketing. How many TV ads, magazine ads or radio ads would you need to pay for to get your brand recommended to 100 people who fit your clinic’s target audience? We’re not talking about putting your message in front of 100 people, we are talking about 100 people getting recommended your message and consuming it.
That is the effectiveness of online marketing, know your target audience, produce content that they want to consume, engage them and your brand will spread.
This is however only stage one. We are still at first base in attracting potential customers to your website. Have a read of our blog to discover how you then convert a visitor to your blog into a lead by using a call-to-action.

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