SEO or Google Adwords (PPC) Which is Best for Your Clinic?

25 copy.pngOne of the many online marketing questions we get asked by the clinics we market for, and the clinics we consult to is which should we invest in, SEO or PPC (Pay Per Click/ Google Adwords)?

At the end of this article we give you the best advice to get started.


Firstly, why is Google such a good source of traffic?

Traffic (visitors to your website) from Google converts a lot higher than other sources like social media or direct advertising. The reason is because someone is sitting down at their computer or on their mobile phone and they are searching for what you provide, they are looking for a solution to their wrinkles or cellulite or stretch marks.

Through Organic Search/ SEO or PPC/ Google Adwords you are targeting the same search/ person and you are giving them what they want. This is very different to other mediums like Facebook, Instagram or magazine advertising where you are interrupting them from what they are doing with an ad about wrinkles or cellulite or stretch marks for example.

For this reason, due to the fact that they are searching for a solution for their concern, Google Organic Search and Paid Search convert very well into clinic consultation bookings.


Where do I start?

We always start with Google Adwords. What is Google Adwords? Through Google Adwords you can create ads at the top of Google Search results. When you search for example “cellulite treatment Sydney”, you will see the first 3-4 results have a little “Ad” on them. This will then be followed by the Map results (3 results) and then go into the organic search results (10 on page 1).


Why SEO should wait

At Engage Online Marketing we manage a lot of SEO and PPC campaigns for beauty and aesthetic clinics. We always start with Google Adwords before we move into SEO. This is a condensed outline of the approach our team take:

  • Keyword research - What is the search volume for the keywords with high propensity to buy? We do this for every treatment a clinic wants to market
  • Set up Google Adwords – We always start with Google Adwords. There are three reasons for this
    1. We want to know which keywords convert to consultations
    2. We want to know what ad or words a searcher responds to
    3. We want to be at the top of the page on a search with an ad until we get into the top 3 organic results (top 3 organic search results receive 60%+ of the clicks
  • Separate keywords for SEO – Now that we know how many searches per month each keyword gets and what is converting into consultation bookings, we can have a discussion about the cut off for search (SEO). That is if a keyword gets 1,000 searches a month and we have seen conversions on PPC, this is most likely going to be one we target for SEO. But, if a keyword gets 50 - 200 searches a month, is it worth the money attacking it on SEO?
  • Continue with Adwords – For the low search volume keywords we would discuss the viability of continuing with Google Adwords for higher volume keywords we are ranking well for in search.
  • SEO – for the keywords that we know convert and have high search volume.


The biggest mistake many clinics make

There will always be an “SEO” provider ready to take your money and start you on the path to SEO. The mistake many clinics make is they jump into SEO without a plan or at least a marketing strategy. SEO and PPC should be part of a bigger marketing plan, they should not be undertaken in isolation.

See a recent article “What’s Your Clinic’s 2017 Online Marketing Strategy?” 


Is organic traffic “free”?

Organic traffic are visits to your website from e.g. Google where you have not paid per click or impression. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has always been viewed as a “free” source of traffic and customers from Google. While you don’t pay for these site visitors on a per click basis, SEO is something you need to maintain every month in order to stay at the top of the search rankings. So in reality you will need to be paying an agency or SEO provider each month to maintain this. In the long run the cost is a lot less then paying per click with Google Adwords.


Where do I start with Google traffic?

The very first place your clinic should start is evaluating your website. Before you start spending money on paid Google traffic (Google Adwords) or organic Google traffic (SEO), you must make sure your website is set up correctly to convert as many visitors as possible. Without doing this first you will be wasting your advertising dollars on not only Google but also social media as well. 

See the video below on how our specialist aesthetic and beauty agency approach "setting up your website" and your marketing correctly.


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