I’m Told My Clinic Needs SEO, But What Will SEO Do?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has changed significantly, particularly in the last two years. Today this doesn’t just apply to Google and search engines; it is critical if you want to get traffic from Social Media as well. With 9 million Australians logging into Facebook daily, there is no better time to get your SEO right and attract more potential customers from Google and Social Media.
In this article we will cover all three areas you need to address to ensure your Clinic website works how it should. If you don’t have time to do this yourself or don’t want to keep up with the latest SEO and online marketing learning’s, let Engage Online Marketing do it for you with the specialist medical SEO service.

There are three main areas of work your clinic will need to invest in to see results from your clinic’s Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Foundation or technical work (strategy, keywords, linking)
  • Ranking work (promoting the pages you have optimised)
  • Conversion work (don’t waste all that hard earned traffic, convert visitors into customers)

What does SEO apply too?

Social Media Marketing that gets new customers In the past it has only applied to gaining traffic from search engines. Potential customers searching online to solve a problem and they find your website with the answer.
Today it also applies to Social Media. The best example of this is when someone shares or likes a page from your website on, for example Facebook. This is great; people are promoting your clinic on Facebook for you to all their friends and hopefully all of the friends of their friends to see as well.  But what are they actually sharing?
When a person shares a page from your website on Facebook, what will be “shared” is the page title and the meta description. The page title can be found when you visit your page and look at the title displayed in the top of the window in Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Alternatively you can paste the page URL into Google and it will come up with a blue underlined description (this is the page title).

How does this look to you in Google, the page title in blue underlined text in front of you? Now put yourself in a potential customers shoes, someone who has never heard of your clinic. Would you click on that page title to learn something or get more information?

The key thing to ensure is that the “page title” that is shared on Facebook makes a person click on it to read more information. If you have one or two words in the title or just the name of your clinic, how will that entice a stranger who has never heard of your clinic or would not recognise your name on Facebook to click to read more information? Extremely important.

Foundation Work - Creating good foundations on your website

Clinic seo foundations

In order to increase the website traffic of potential customers for your clinic from Google and Social Media, you first need to make sure you have the right information in the right place. Further, that you have decided to go after the right keywords that have the highest search volume and these keywords are achievable.
The areas Engage Online Marketing cover in the Medical SEO service for clinics are:
Website strategy – define what you are going after, assign goals for visitor numbers from Google or other search engines and determine what you will offer to visitors for each keyword.
Keywords: Identifying 50 keywords that have good search volume per month, are achievable for your clinic to get on the first page of Google. From here it is important you drill down to the top 10 keywords (maximum) you will really target.
Internal linking – ensuring that there are links on your website with the keyword you are going after and that link to the page on your website optimised for this keyword.
Keyword positioning – Ensuring keywords are situated in the correct areas on each page – Update the five critical areas a keyword must be to get recognised by Google.

Ranking Work - Actually getting traffic for a search term

It is a misconception that once you have optimised your website or a web page for a particular search term or keyword that you will then start to get people arriving at your website door from Google.
Identifying a particular keyword and putting it in the right places on your website is a great foundation. Once you have completed this work you are in the right position to attract visitors. But in order for Google to send traffic to you it needs to know you are there waiting with everything in the right place.
There are billions and billions of pages on the internet and the only way Google knows a page is there is because it can be found in multiple places. So you will need to promote your page with links from other pages and new fresh content such as blog articles that also link back to this keyword optimised page.

Converting a Google or Facebook visitor into a customer

Great, you have done the hard work to identify the right keyword, you have got your clinic website to the first page of Google and you are receiving visitors to your website. Do you stop there? Please don’t stop there. Too many clinics rely on this visitor or potential customer picking up the phone and calling your clinic. But what happens if this visitor finds your website outside your office hours? This is a likely scenario with most people working the same hours your clinic is open.
In order to not waste all your hard work you need a way to capture a visitor when they are on your website and interested in what you have to offer. Further more this needs to be automated and not rely on a person picking up the phone.
The best way to do this is using a call-to-action button on each page that links the visitor to another piece of content – video, eBook, checklist. It is the next step your visitor is looking for to consumer more information or talk to an expert.
In conclusion, don’t fall into the trap we see over and over again of going part of the way to attracting traffic from Google or Social Media. Ensure you have completed all of the steps that will see your website traffic increase and that you are converting those visitors into customers, not wasting them.
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