How Your Clinic Can Get “FREE” Customers From Facebook

How your clinic can get “free” customers from Facebook.pngThere are two successful ways your clinic can get more consultation bookings and customers from Facebook. The first is the “free” way or low cost way, the other is an automated paid advertising model that you will need to allocate a budget to. Read more to see which model suits your clinic and resources.


  1. The “free” model – This model utilises “organic reach”. You might have heard that organic reach has fallen off a cliff but there is a way to attract a large amount of leads from organic reach.
  2. Paid model - You set up an automated Facebook sales funnel that works with minimal staff interaction – this is a paid model or an advertising model.


In reality, we see 90% of clinics we evaluate (152 clinics in the last year) trying a hybrid of these two models and implementing this combination in a very poor way that wastes a lot of time and money. Generally, the hybrid model results in minimal posts to the clinic Facebook page and little engagement (likes, shares, comments) and usually boosted posts (post engagement ads) that result in low click through rates and low conversion. Why?....Because Facebook is changing so quickly and navigating the complexity of Facebook is a full time job in itself. In our agency, we have multiple people responsible for Facebook advertising and we are constantly learning and testing new things.


The Free Model or Organic Reach

First off, what is “organic reach”. This is when you post an update on your clinic’s Facebook page and your followers (people who have liked your clinic Facebook page) see this post (could be an image, a special or an article). Organic reach can get as low as 1% (that is only 1% of the people who follow your page, actually see what you post). You can see these figures when you are logged in to your Facebook account. Each post you have added will have an organic reach and a paid reach figure below it that only you can see. Divide this by the number of followers and you will have your “organic reach” for that post. 

In our agency’s experience, (only working with beauty and aesthetic clinics) we have only seen a (small) handful of clinics achieve success with this model. This is usually because one of the owners of the clinic has a strong interest in Facebook and they don’t work in the clinic, or they deliver one or two treatments a day. This allows them to just focus on responding in Facebook. To pull off number one, you also need to create a lot of content; videos, your own before and after photos (not the manufacturers before and after photos), testimonials or relevant and educational blog posts. 

The biggest reason this model works is because you are responding as soon as a potential customer has commented on your content. So, one of your followers comments on your post, instantly you like this and then respond. You could respond with a comment or private message and reply that you have sent them information in a private message (PM). Then you have captured a potential customer when they are engaged, not after the fact when they have got on with their busy life (back to work, tending to children etc).

Beauty marketing case study


However, 99% of clinics don’t have an owner that has the time or the expertise to constantly be on Facebook or who are willing to allocate a busy receptionist or clinician to do this. Furthermore, while we say that the first model is a “free” model, it still relies on a person spending a large amount of their week in Facebook communicating with potential customers. Therefore, to be accurate you would need to say that this “free model” is at least costing you the salary for one employee, what salary you allocate, $65K, $80K or more…


The Paid Model or Advertising Model

The most effective way to advertise on Facebook for a clinic or practice is to set up what we call a “Facebook Sales Funnel”. What this means is whenever someone visits your clinic website (or a specific treatment page, for example the cellulite page), they get served an ad on Facebook specific to this treatment, automatically.

Furthermore, we store every person who visits your treatment page in a Facebook audience. We use this person to find people who look exactly like them and then we advertise to them. Today, Facebook is so accurate at finding people who look just like one of your website visitors that we are seeing a huge number of bookings come from Facebook. Some clients we have see over 50% of the consultation bookings originate from Facebook or Instagram (the software we use can track a booking back to the original source).

This is just the start of setting up the “Facebook Sales Funnel.” Once someone has visited your treatment page you can then serve them another, action oriented ad with the sole focus of having them take an action, i.e. book a consultation.

We have some “Facebook/ Instagram Sales Funnels” that include 5-6 different stages and different ads that all aim to bring people down the sales funnel for a treatment until they book a consultation. The way we don’t annoy anyone on Facebook is we only serve some of these ads until they take an action (i.e they book a consultation, they are then taken out of ads, automatically).

The model (“free” or paid) that your clinic choses to use will depend on the resources you are willing to allocate to social media marketing. If you don’t have an owner, co-owner or staff member willing to be “in Facebook” constantly, then maybe the paid advertising model is for your clinic. If you don’t have the knowledge or the time to learn how to generate consultation or treatment bookings from Facebook or Instagram, talk to our friendly team about implementing a proven Facebook Sales Funnel that will get results for your clinic.



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