How to Waste Your Clinic/ Practice Facebook Ad Budget

One of the most effective advertising platforms for clinics today is Facebook. If you do it right, it is more targeted and more cost effective than Google Adwords by a long, long way..

But are you guilty of wasting the money you spend on Facebook by falling into these three practices that waste your Facebook ad budget? In this article we discuss where to send a person who clicks on your ad (HINT this is not to your Facebook Business Page) and what you should show them on your website.

Why is Facebook so effective?

Facebook collects data about every person with a Facebook account. They analyse the data on a person’s profile, what pages they interact with on Facebook, and links they click on. If that person also has a Facebook messenger app downloaded, they can also access the browsing history from this device. That is, what pages they have visited online (all of them). This data all goes into a complex algorithm that profiles each Facebook user according to what they are interested in. This targeting is what you have access to as an advertiser on Facebook, pretty amazing when you think about it!

Facebook, like Google is very much about keeping their customers happy and ensuring that advertisers are engaging their audience rather than selling to them. If you have read our Guide to Facebook Pages you will know that selling on Social Media is one of the biggest no no’s.

So how do you sell to people on Facebook without “selling to them”? Well that is another topic for another article.

In the meantime, here are the top three ways to waste your Facebook ad budget:


One: Promoting your Facebook Page with Ads

Never bring people to your Facebook fan page or Facebook business page. Why, because there are two ways we measure how you are reaching your audience on Facebook. The first is organic reach, this is how many people read the posts you put on your Facebook page. This organic reach is declining in a big way. There is a simple reason for this, Facebook wants to make more money and like Google are favouring paid ads over organic. So, unless the people who like your business page have specifically selected to receive all updates from your page, they will receive very little of your activity into their news feed.

Facebook optimises a person’s newsfeed for what they interact with, click on or like. As they will be interacting with friends and family more than business pages, these will be prioritised by Facebook’s algorithm. So Organic reach is reducing.

So therefore buying Facebook ads to get likes on your Facebook Business page is waste of money.


Two: Sending ads to your Home page

If you are sending people to your website don’t send them to your home page. Your homepage is a very generic page on your website. When today’s consumers click to a web page from Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, they want personalised information, they want to see what they expect to see, interesting information. You have roughly eight seconds to prove this to them and sending someone to your home page is not the right way to go about it.

Send people from your Facebook Ad to a blog post that relates to the ad, or at the very least send them to a treatment page on your website. The most effective way to engage and capture people from Facebook is to send them to a specific landing page or blog article that has a call to action in it.


Three: Not optimising your landing pages for conversion

First off what is a landing page? A landing page is a page on your website that you have written specifically for certain traffic to click too. So you could create 10 landing pages on your website for 10 Facebook ads that target different treatment options at your clinic. Landing pages should be written to engage your audience and have them carry out an action that brings them closer to becoming a client.

So, sending people who click on your Facebook ads to your website is good, but not to your Home page. Sending people to a specific page on your website or a “landing page” based on their interests is the best.


Optimising your website for specific and targeted enquiries and consultations is one of the most important things you can do, but this is just the beginning. Only 2-4% of the visitors who arrive at your website are ready to buy now. The rest of the 96-98% of visitors still like what you have to offer but are not at the stage that they trust you enough or are convinced enough about your service to buy now.

This is where you can offer a sign up box to your blog, a piece of content based around Frequently Asked Questions on this procedure or treatment or any number of articles aimed at people who are at the beginning of their buyers journey.


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