How to know everything about your clinic customers


If you have one marketing message for all of your clinic marketing, you are missing out on new customers. Today’s consumers are looking for personalised marketing messages that speak to them as a person and understand their problems, issues and lifestyle. 

The key to knowing everything about your clinic customers is through a profile of your ideal customer called a buyer persona. Based on real data and insights about your existing customers, this “buyer persona” will determine where to focus your time, marketing spend and guide product/ service development. You will attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your clinic. 

In this two-part article you will learn how to collect the information needed to easily develop targeted marketing messages that will lead to more likes and shares on Facebook, more traffic to your website and converting more leads to customers.
The good news is you should have all the information to create your first buyer persona right in your clinics’ biggest resource - your staff.


Lets get started at your next staff meeting

In your next team meeting try this exercise and you will be amazed at how quickly this comes together and you will be onto targeting your audience with specific marketing messages that will resonate with your target audience.

medical marketing tip -define your patient buyer personaThree ways to pick a procedure to target first:

First of all pick one procedure you want to develop a buyer persona for that will help you target customers more effectively. This will lead to more relevant visitors to your website, converting into warmer leads and converting into paying customers.

  • What is your most popular procedure?
  • What procedure do you make the highest margin or most money from?
  • What procedure have you been asked to get more patients for?

Now that we have decided on the one treatment to start will start with, it is time to ask your staff the following questions.


Defining your persona

The people you want in this meeting are the people who are patient facing. The staff who talk to patients daily either on the phone or in a consultation; receptionist, clinician, doctor, surgeon etc. The reason for this is you want people who are talking to patients every day, who have hands on experience with your customers and the information your customers are looking for. 


Q1 – Demographic information – paint a personal picture

  • Are they married, in a relationship, single?
  • What's their annual household income?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?
  • Do they have children or are they thinking of having children?


Collecting demographic information is a great place to begin drafting your personas because it's easy to obtain and starts to paint a clearer, more personal picture of your customer.


Q2 – What is their job or role in the family?

Answering this will give you information on their nuances of their personal life, do they work long hours, are they only available on weekends, where they hang out online, could they be marketed to through Facebook or perhaps LinkedIn is better if they are a professional.
You may uncover some interesting information, too, like large portions of your target audience skewing toward certain industries or seniority levels.

Q3 – What does a typical day in their life look like?

In this exercise try to piece together what a typical day looks like. Are they at work or a stay home mum, what do they do for fun, do they play sports, what magazines do they read, what TV programs do they watch, what type of clothes to they wear (casual or formal), what kind of car do they drive.
Now that you know what a typical day looks like you will be better equipped to talk to this persona at their level. 

Q4 – What are their pain points?

This question is crucial and you should know these pain points very well. What are the top three reasons why a patient would elect to have surgery. How do each of these reasons effect their day to day life and how does it make them feel? Go into detail and really dig deep as this question is key to reaching a potential patient at the beginning of their buying journey.

Q5 – What does your persona value most?

Now that you have identified the pain points of your persona you will be able to understand what is of value to them and more importantly, what is not of value. A good question to ask in the meeting is “what would make this persona get really, really excited about this procedure"? Is it the financing arrangements you offer that means they can have the procedure now rather than in 3 years time? What is it?
In a staff meeting you have already identified the demographic you will be targeting for this procedure, their job or role. You know what a typical day looks like and you know what their pain points or problems are and what they would value from your clinic. That's is some great information and think if a marketer knew this about you and used it to target you with a specific marketing message, do you think that marketing message would be noticed by you?
In the next article we will cover four more questions that will round out your buyer persona and allow you to then start thinking about the appropriate marketing messages for this persona, the language you should use when talking to them (in marketing) and where is the best place to find them?
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