Do My Treatment Pages Talk Like a Doctor or a Customer?

Over half of your clinic customers will search for you online, will they find you?In the past a clinic website has not been a necessity, this is no longer the case in today's online world.

A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found that 57% of plastic surgery patients obtained all of their information online about their chosen procedure and surgeon.

With over half of your potential patients researching online, the ability to reach potential clients is far greater online than those who will walk past your practice door.

99% of the clinics we work with do not have a dedicated “sales person” who is there to convert client leads into paying clients. There are many reasons why but the main reason we get is that clients have always been referred to us or just give us a call…
The good news is your website is not just the online version of your practice, it is your sales person or sales resource as well. The words on your treatment pages are there to engage and convert potential clients into paying clients.

Once your website has been set up correctly to attract and convert clients, your "sales resource" will work 24/7 and it doesn’t take a sick day or any holidays.

How do I Talk Too Website Visitors?

How does your sales team (your website) talk to and engage potential clients? Often a specific treatment like a chemical peel or fat transfer is not what someone is searching for. What they are looking for is a way to get rid of unwanted fat or acne or for a solution to their skin problem. The procedure is what your website visitors need but it is not what they are necessarily looking for when they search online.


How do Customers Find My Treatment Pages

How do customers find your clinic treatment pagesThis is one of the biggest secrets to Search Engine Optimisation in our industry. SEO needs to be undertaken in three stages. These stages match to the buyers journey or Awareness - Consideration - Decision. 99% of the SEO in this industry is targeted at the decision stage of a buyers journey.

This means a potential client has discovered what their problem is or discovered an opportunity they can realise, they have researched the options and considered all options (Consideration stage). Then finally they have come to the decision stage and are chosing between 1-3 clinics or practices (or surgeons).

If you target all of your treatment pages or website pages at people who are making a decision you will not have provided a potential client with any meaningful information to aide in their journey and you also won't have built any trust or established yourself as an industry leader. If you are targeting customers at the Decision stage and you use Google Adwords then you will be paying a premium for these search words.

Make Sure You Collect a Visitors Details

The goal of good treatment page should be to engage a potential customer about a specific problem and provide a solution. The second priority should be to offer this visitor a way of getting more information. This is usually done through a call-to-action in the page or at the end of the page to the next step in their journey (additional piece of information, phone consultation, face-to-face consultation.

This way needs to be 24/7 option that is quick i.e. asking them to call your clinic is not desirable, as most of the visitors to your website will be outside clinic hours.

Three Questions to Ask When You Read a Treatment Page

Three Questions to Ask When You Read a Treatment Page

  1. Is there a connection between the treatment and the problem, pain or challenge a potential client are looking to solve?
  2. Do you speak the same language as your website visitors or do they need a medical degree to understand how the procedure will benefit them?
  3. Does the page talk to the pain or situation some of your potential patients might be in?

If the answer is no, then we can fix this and it doesn’t start with the procedure, it should start with the clients problem.

How to Connect a Treatment Page To The Target Customer Audience

A great first step to take before you look at re-writing your treatment pages is to construct a customer persona. A customer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. What are their demographics, lifestyle, career, pains, challenges, where do they go for information and so on. Why is this important to construct before you communicate with a potential customer on your treatment page? The customer or buyer persona will give you insights into your target customer that will allow you to use their language and talk to their pains, challenges and lifestyle.
We have created an exercise you can go through with your staff to flesh these out into a tool you can use to run each treatment page through to ensure you are talking to a potential customer and engaging them and you know how to convert them. 

How to Know Everything About Your Clinic Customers


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