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Medical website SEO is easy if you know howSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technical and ever changing area that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. However, there are some fundamentals that will never change and you can improve the SEO of your clinic blog or website very quickly. In this article we will cover some basic but very effective changes you can make to your website immediately.
One of the biggest problems we see with some clinic websites is poor design including poor mobile or tablet viewing. No amount of SEO work will fix this and you will most likely be throwing your time or money away unless you fix the fundamentals. If you believe you have any problem with your website or would like to ensure the integrity of your website, click to the Website Evaluation page and for $500 you will get a comprehensive report and recommendations on your website. This will be the best money you will ever spend on your website.

Have a keyword strategy – choose your top 5-10 keywords

Identify what key words or phrases are important to your potential customers when they are searching online. It is important when you are identifying these 5-10 keywords or phrases that you don’t guess. Look at data from Google Adwords or ask your customers what they searched for to find you.
If your clinic is based in Brisbane and one of your target procedures is breast augmentation then a key word phrase you could target is “breast augmentation Brisbane”. There will also be other terms that a potential customer could use like “boob job Brisbane” or “breast enlargement Brisbane”. A keyword for your clinic is what a current customer or patient typed into Google to find your practice for a certain procedure.
Once you have settled on one keyword you need to set a page up on your website or optimise a page to target this phrase. There are five things you can do to a webpage to optimise it for a key word phrase.
Include the key word phrase in the:

  • Title of the page
  • Text of the page (up to five times)
  • Alt tag of the pictures on the page
  • Meta description of the page
  • URL of the page i.e.

This is what we call on page SEO. This is one of the areas you can control and will put your page in the right place for Google to match the keyword phrase to your page.

Now you need some links to your webpage

Another major area that you can control are the links within your website. Internal links come from other pages on your website. If you put a link on your home page to the page you have set up and include “breast augmentation Brisbane” in blue underlined text with a link in this text to the page you have set up, Google will love this. In fact, if you have a navigation bar on your website include this text in the navigation bar that will be on every page of your website.

Write an article on your clinic blog that links to your webpage

A very effective way to get Google to notice your page is to write a blog article on your website and include a link in the first paragraph to the page you have set up. Again include the keyword or phrase in the blue underlined text linking to the page for some Google love.
The reason blog articles are so effective is because they are recognised or indexed by Google immediately. Serving up new and fresh information or content to Google is one of the things Google scores you favourably on.
To be effective with article marketing, you need to be writing and publishing two articles per week on your clinic blog. If you don’t have time to do this have a look at the Attract & Engage Medical Marketing Service. Two articles per week as well as the social media marketing of these articles are included plus a clinic newsletter to your database.

Social Media Marketing that gets new customers
Share blog articles on Social Media, not a page

Social media is not a sales platform, so you need to engage a potential customer in a topic they are interested in and then bring them back to your page on “breast augmentation Brisbane” once they are engaged.
Social Media is an important factor to Google. If your article is being liked or shared on social media then Google believes that this article is worth ranking high.
For a step-by-step guide on Facebook Marketing download this free eBook to get you started. You will be surprised by the mistakes we detail that you may already be making.

In conclusion – SEO is simple     

While many Practice Managers, Surgeons or Clinic Directors may not know their way around the Content Management System (CMS) of their website, this does not mean they can’t delegate the proper set up of each page on their website to someone within their clinic or outsource it at a low cost. After reading this article you will be able to make sure the basics are done right.
A well performing website is not a hard thing to achieve, but it is time consuming. To see the potential of what your website should be doing, have a read of the article “Where does your clinic blog fit in your sales process?” In this article, you will see what your website should be doing for your clinic. It should be completing two thirds or 66% of the sales process of acquiring a new customer and it should be automated to do this alone, without any staff interaction. That means there is no more paying for a full page colour ad in a magazine and hoping someone will call your clinic, your website will already be engaging them in the sales process.


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