Clinic Blog Rule 2 – Write an article for a busy reader


As you will see in the comprehensive medical marketing eBook – Operating on your clinic blog the second rule of an effective clinic blog is to format your article properly for the busy reader. Making each article easy and appealing to read for today's busy reader is the key to repeat visitors. 

surprised_business_womanThe attention span of a reader these days is very short. Combine this with the ability to click on the “back” button in your internet browser means you need to make sure you deliver what you promised before a visitor clicked on the link to arrive on your blog or website. Then once the reader has committed to reading your article, it must be formatted properly to ensure it can be read quickly (skimmed) and the important information stands out. There are certain techniques we can use to ensure this happens.


The title is as important as the text

If you spend half the time writing the title and half writing the article, you will be on track. A title is what attracts a reader to your blog article through Google or other search engines. When you share an article on social media, only the title is shared. So you can start to see how the title is so critical to attracting that potential customer to your website. You can write the best article in the world, but if no reader clicks on it, you have wasted your time.

Include at least one image in every article

According to research by 3M Corporation, our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. So use images to your advantage, we recommend including one image in every article to break up the text. Ensure the picture relates to the article and adds to the article, there is no point in using an irrelevant picture, this just means your brain will process an unrelated piece of information 60,000 times faster than the relevant text of your article.

Format your way to a more inviting article

  • Subheadings
  • Bullet points
  • Numbering
  • Bold text

All of the above allow your article to be broken up into easily digestible sections, making it easer for a reader to focus on important information.

Peer review every article before it goes live

At Engage Online Marketing we have an editor review every article before it goes live on one of our clinic’s websites. The main reason we do this is to ensure the article is at the level of quality our clients demand. But the second reason is to ensure an article can be read quickly by a busy reader and they can still take away the important points of an article.
You can do this at your clinic if you write your own blog articles by having a colleague review the article. A fresh set of eyes reviewing an article will tell you many things. If you use each subheading from this article as a checklist for your colleague, you will ensure each article is written for the busy reader.

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