Clinic Blog Rule 1 - Write unique educational content


The number one rule when writing articles for your clinic blog is to write unique, educational content. Unique, educational content starts with a content strategy. What is this you ask?

business_woman_on_line_graphA content strategy gives you the foundation for your online marketing efforts. It is the content or information that attracts potential patients to your blog or website because you have put information out there that solves a problem or highlights an opportunity for a target audience.
Content marketing has seen huge investment from marketing teams in many industries outside the medical industry. An iconic travel brand in Brisbane has a full time staff of 10 plus writers to create content for the travel industry. Their role is to create articles and pieces of content that will engage their target audience and attract them to their sales platform (their website).
This is what the medical industry in Australia needs to strive for and the clinics who lead the move to content marketing will reap the benefits.

Unique content is not about your clinic

The golden rule of content marketing is never create content about yourself, ever.
Getting back to the goal of your clinic blog, it is to attract potential patients to your website so you can engage with them and they can enter your sales process. A potential patient is not going to find your content if you are just writing about your clinic. Why? Because they have never heard of your clinic before, so why would they search for it?

How to create unique content

To unique unique content, you need to identify the challenges, pain points, wants and interests of your target audience or ideal customer(s).  Once you have done this you can then write unique content such as a blog article that will be enough value to a potential patient that they will take time out of their busy life to click to your blog and read an article.

Creating a piece of unique content not a one off thing, it should be part of an overall strategy. If you plan properly and use a content calendar, it can be an easy and enjoyable activity. After all you are creating information that your customers or patients want to read.

From a successful content strategy will come positive comments, customers sharing your articles on Facebook and potential customers wanting to share their contact details with you so they can be kept up to date on your regular articles.

You have now moved a potential patient to a visitor and once they have shared their contact details with you, they are now a lead! Next step is for you to convert them into a patient for your clinic.
This sounds good, so what is a content strategy? A content strategy starts with two things:

  • A buyer persona
  • A SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)

To find out more about creating a buyer persona for your clinic, see a recent article - Talk to your target customer with clinic buyer personas

The second thing you need before you can create a content strategy is a goal in mind. A goal will tell you the type of content and purpose for creating a unique piece of content. Some goals you could identify for your clinic are:

  1. Get 10 patients through referrals in 3 months
  2. Get 100 new patient leads from Google organic search in the next 3 months
  3. Get 1,000 new visitors to my website in the next month


Notice that the goals are SMART goals, they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. So make sure when you are identifying a clinic marketing goal that you identify the number of visitors/ contacts/ leads or new patients you want and when you want them by. You also need to make sure this goal is realistic, if you don’t currently have a website then to get 1,000 new visitors in one month is not attainable or realistic.
Once you have created a goal, you can design the content to reach this goal. A goal also gives you a target you can analyse and work out your return on investment (ROI).

Educational content will position your clinic as an industry leader

Educating your target audience is one of the best ways to create a clinic blog that engages and is of value to its readers and your current customers. If we get back to the original reason for a blog, it is to attract potential customers to your website. To do this we need to think like a potential customer searching online. What are the questions, challenges or problems that they are looking for answers too? The job of the content you put on your blog (and feed to Google plus share on social media) is to provide the answers to these questions that attract those potential customers to your website.
You now have a visitor to your website through engaging educational content that resonates with your target customer. As the number of educational articles increases, you will attract more and more visitors who have the same or similar problems/ interests.
The more you write, the more people will start to look to your clinic as a reliable source of information and your clinic will stand out as an expert or thought leader in your industry.
So aim to attract potential customers to your site by writing educational content about the questions and problems you hear every day in your clinic.


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