Are you marketing your clinic like it’s the year 2000?

Are your marketing your cosmetic clinic like it's the year 2000

The year 2000 doesn’t seem like a long time ago, the Y2K bug that was supposed to bring the computer world to it’s knees. Thinking back, how were you marketing your clinic or business 15 years ago? No doubt with print advertising, radio ads, TV ads, trade shows…

Fast-forward 15 years to today’s Internet and technology savvy customers and this kind of traditional marketing is ineffective vs online or digital marketing. Traditional marketing relies on a customer calling your clinic to enquire, but todays customers want to research, enquire and be informed 24 hours a day. The way consumers engage with and buy from a clinic has changed dramatically in the last 15 years… in the last 5 years. Have you kept up?

15 years ago many clinics didn’t have a website let alone market to potential customers through their website. In fact if you are in your late 20’s or older and remember sitting through a riveting university marketing class on marketing strategy (remember the 4 P’s), you will not remember hearing the words online marketing, online strategy or social media mentioned once.
The Internet has exploded in even the last five years, largely due to increased mobile and tablet access. Due to the speed that traditional marketing is moving to online marketing, many companies are being left behind very quickly with competitors embracing online marketing and reaching customers earlier than traditional marketing could ever identify or reach them.

Social Media Marketing that gets new customers What does Marketing in 2015 look like?

Today we take for granted Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc as a way of  communicating with customers, friends and colleagues. If we think about the technology we use today on a personal level, you will remember that this is all very new. Eight years ago Facebook launched to the public in the USA, today Facebook is used by 500 million people. This is a market that today’s business owners would not have come across at university; this was not covered by the four P’s of marketing.

So lets talk about Australia. How does your business market to the:

  • 13 million monthly Australian Facebook users
  • 12 million monthly Australian YouTube users
  • 4 million monthly Australian LinkedIn users
  • 3 million monthly Australian Twitter users

The good news is that having an online presence and engaging your customers with useful content is not as hard or as expensive as you might think.


How effectively market your clinic in the year 2015

One of the most effective ways to engage potential customers on all of the above social media networks is when you have something to say that will engage them. To engage a potential customer you can’t talk about yourself or your clinic, you need to talk about a topic that will resonate with this potential customer or customer group. For an in-depth look at why your clinic should be blogging see the article: Why cosmetic clinics should be blogging in 2015

A good clinic blogging strategy and implementation will be one of the best investments you can make into your clinic website to attract more Google traffic, Social Media to have something to say that will engage potential readers and as a valuable sales tool.

To learn how to start, maintain and scale up your clinic blog, download the free guide below to start on the path of marketing your clinic in the year 2015.


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