Inbound Marketing – The Future of Marketing


Traditional marketing tactics focus on pushing information OUT on mass to potential customers in the hope that a percentage will resonate with this message and follow through. This kind of old school interruption marketing aims to interrupt the consumer from the medium they were engrossed in.

In essence you are renting some of the attention created by the TV show, radio show, magazine or newspaper.


You don’t buy a magazine for the ads, you are interrupted from the articles by the ads

You don’t watch a TV programme for the ads, the ad break is an interruption

You don’t listen to a radio programme for the ads, you get where I’m going


Why is Inbound/ Online Marketing different


You are not interrupted from your Google search with a website, that is what you are searching for


With the explosion online has seen in the past two years especially, traditional or interruption marketing is coming to an end. Why is this? Because it is expensive, un-targeted and extremely hard to track the effectiveness. The other reason is there are now software products on the market that are cost effective, track marketing campaigns down to their ROI, target customer segments easily and all at the push of a button (well a couple of buttons).

Newspapers, magazine and radio sales reps will tell you the readership or audience or how popular the breakfast show is. or how many "PR $" you will get out of it or "brand awareness". But how does that impact your bottom line or cash flow, there is no way to know how successful your marketing dollar will be or which of the readers/ listeners convert to customers. More importantly you can't decifer which marketing campaign is successful and if investing more marketing dollars will increase your bottom line.

Inbound marketing attracts customers to you who are looking for a solution to a pain or problem, engage prospects and pull them INto your business. The goal of this approach is to help prospects get to know, like and trust your company and view your company as a leader in the industry until the moment they're ready to buy from you.

Where a customer was invisible to you up until the time they contacted you to buy a product or service with Traditional Marketing. With Inbound marketing your customer is known the second they hit your website or interact with you on Social Media.

Welcome to the new world of marketing, trackable, measurable and taking over the sales function in an organisation with complete transparency.


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