University Never Covered Online Marketing

If you don't have a 2015 website you are losing customers, that simple If you don't have a 2015 website you are losing customers, that simple

If you are in your late 20’s or older and remember sitting through a riveting university marketing class on the 4 P’s, you will not remember hearing the words online marketing, online strategy mentioned once.


The Internet has exploded in the last five years largely due to increased mobile and tablet access. Due to the speed that traditional marketing is moving to online marketing, many companies are being left behind very quickly with competitors embracing online marketing and reaching customers that traditional marketing could never reach.


When you buy a house you pay a pest company to do a pest inspection and a builder to do a building inspection. Why, because they know what they are looking for, they have done it before and they know their stuff.


To do what they do for $500 would take you five times as long and most likely involve hours of research and learning. This is not what you want to put your energy into, you want to be doing what will make you money and leave the building and pest up to an expert in this industry.


So why is it that so many companies dabble in online marketing with no clear plan or knowledge of how to engage potential customers?


The answer is to do with the speed the internet has taken over business and our lives. Eight years ago Facebook launched to the public in the USA, today Facebook is used by 100 Billion people. This is a market that today’s business owners would not have come across at university; this was not covered by the three P’s of marketing.


So lets talk about Australia. How does your business market to the:


  • 13 million monthly Australian Facebook users
  • 12 million monthly Australian YouTube users
  • 4 million monthly Australian LinkedIn users
  • 3 million monthly Australian Twitter users


The good news is that having a basic online presence and engaging your customers with useful content is not as hard or as expensive as you might think. Check out our article Does your website identify customers problems you can solve


This is the easiest way to start with our online marketing. You work in your business every day, you know what your customers problems are and your business is to solve them.


With the help of our Online Marketing Introductory Package, you get 20 hours with one of our consultants to develop a plan for your website and put the foundations into place so you will start to see the results immediately. Your online presence will be up and running and easily maintained with guides to help you with everything from basic SEO, writing an article to how to collect customer details on your website. Further to this as part of this package we will look at how you can tie your website into your current marketing efforts.

Alternatively if you don’t have the time or staff to maintain your website to attract customers to your business, we can do this for you with the outsourced website package.


How you plan your website and from that your online marketing strategy is as important as having a plan for you business.