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Why Cosmetic Clinics Are Getting Into Trouble

As a specialist marketing agency to the beauty & aesthetic industry taking over a lot of new clients' websites or managing websites on behalf of multiple clinics, we see many cosmetic clinics get into trouble and losing control of their most[…]

What has replaced the Yellow Pages?

If you have been in business in the beauty, aesthetic or dental market for some time, you probably used to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Many clinics’ we talk to, had in the past relied on the Yellow Pages as a source of new local customers or[…]

Why your clinic website just got more valuable

It may surprise you to learn that your clinic website is the most valuable marketing asset you have. Most clinics will say it’s their staff, expertise, technology or quality of service that is the most valuable.  BUT, consumers or patients will[…]

Why Clinic's Are Wasting Money On Facebook

Earlier this year, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced major changes that will already be affecting your clinic on Facebook. This announcement will change the way your clinic or salon attracts customers from Facebook. If part of your[…]

How To Get Your Clinic More Reviews

How hard is it to get your customers to review your business on Facebook or Google? In the beauty, aesthetic and dental industries we find clinic owners hoping for positive reviews and praying not to get bad reviews. The importance of consumer[…]

SEO or Google Adwords (PPC) Which is Best for Your Clinic?

One of the many online marketing questions we get asked by the clinics we market for, and the clinics we consult to is which should we invest in, SEO or PPC (Pay Per Click/ Google Adwords)?

Medical Device Companies – The Good & The Bad Reps

Many clinics or practices have had a bad experience with a sales rep or two in the past. Be it a skincare, device or consumables supplier, there are some things you should look out for and some things that should be a warning bell for you to run for[…]

How Your Clinic Can Get “FREE” Customers From Facebook

There are two successful ways your clinic can get more consultation bookings and customers from Facebook. The first is the “free” way or low cost way, the other is an automated paid advertising model that you will need to allocate a budget to. Read[…]

What’s Your Clinic’s 2017 Online Marketing Strategy?

Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and Organic Traffic (SEO) are marketing channels or sources of leads. The one thing that all of these marketing channels rely on is a website (to send the click to) and an online strategy or a proven way of[…]

University Never Covered Online Marketing

If you don't have a 2015 website you are losing customers, that simple If you are in your late 20’s or older and remember sitting through a riveting university marketing class on the 4 P’s, you will not remember hearing the words online marketing,[…]

Inbound Marketing – The Future of Marketing


Top excuses why clinics don't blog...sound familiar?

  In analysing the online marketing of 150 cosmetic clinics across Australia we have come across some interesting findings.  The results of this project will be out in the coming months. What we have learnt so far, is that the healthcare, cosmetic[…]

Clinic Blog Rule 1 - Write unique educational content

  The number one rule when writing articles for your clinic blog is to write unique, educational content. Unique, educational content starts with a content strategy. What is this you ask? A content strategy gives you the foundation for your online[…]

How to Waste Your Clinic/ Practice Facebook Ad Budget

One of the most effective advertising platforms for clinics today is Facebook. If you do it right, it is more targeted and more cost effective than Google Adwords by a long, long way.. But are you guilty of wasting the money you spend on Facebook by[…]

I’m Told My Clinic Needs SEO, But What Will SEO Do?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has changed significantly, particularly in the last two years. Today this doesn’t just apply to Google and search engines; it is critical if you want to get traffic from Social Media as well. With 9 million[…]

4 SEO mistakes your clinic website is probably making

  Keeping up with Search engine optimisation (SEO), in particular Google SEO is a complicated, time-consuming challenge. At least that is what most SEO “experts” or companies will tell you. But the key Medical SEO steps have not changed for many[…]

Do My Treatment Pages Talk Like a Doctor or a Customer?

In the past a clinic website has not been a necessity, this is no longer the case in today's online world. A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found that 57% of plastic surgery patients obtained all of their[…]

Clinic website SEO simplified - get more visitors

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technical and ever changing area that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. However, there are some fundamentals that will never change and you can improve the SEO of your clinic blog or website very[…]

Importance Of An Online Marketing Strategy

For $700 we can solve all of your online marketing problems. Check out our Introductory Package Just like in business you need a plan and a place to start. In this article we show you how the marketing game has changed, if your website and online[…]

Bad News, Google Update to Penalise Non-Mobile Websites

  It could be bad news after the 21st of April 2015 (tomorrow) for your website if it doesn't meet Google’s new criteria for a “mobile friendly” website.   We are not going to get super technical in this article, instead focus on the important areas[…]

Are you marketing your clinic like it’s the year 2000?

The year 2000 doesn’t seem like a long time ago, the Y2K bug that was supposed to bring the computer world to it’s knees. Thinking back, how were you marketing your clinic or business 15 years ago? No doubt with print advertising, radio ads, TV ads,[…]

How to know everything about your clinic customers

  If you have one marketing message for all of your clinic marketing, you are missing out on new customers. Today’s consumers are looking for personalised marketing messages that speak to them as a person and understand their problems, issues and[…]

Why SEO is the wrong focus for your clinic website


4 things your clinic website MUST have to be effective

Your clinic website is more important today than ever. If you still have a static website (a brochure like website) with no fresh content, then you are loosing customers to your competition. In this article we will cover four of the most important[…]

Where does your clinic blog fit in your sales process?

If your clinic does not have a clearly defined sales process you’re not alone. Sales or new patient acquisition is an important part of a Practice Managers role but one that often slips down the to-do-list with the large workload and constant fire[…]

Clinic Blog Rule 3 - Turn your reader into a lead

  Attracting potential patients to your clinic website or blog is a hard thing. It is however always nice to see the Google Analytics report showing your steadily increasing website visitors. But what do you do with all of these new and returning[…]

Clinic Blog Rule 2 – Write an article for a busy reader

  As you will see in the comprehensive medical marketing eBook – Operating on your clinic blog the second rule of an effective clinic blog is to format your article properly for the busy reader. Making each article easy and appealing to read for[…]

How to optimise your clinic blog for search engines SEO

Search engines are one place your valuable blog articles will be discovered. 60-70% of the time Google is where they will be found.  But one of the biggest mistakes many clinics make is over SEOing their website or articles (think we just invented a[…]

Social media marketing is easy with a clinic blog

Social media can be a powerful tool to any clinic if used correctly. The fact that the majority of clinics either don’t use social media or use it poorly (we would estimate 98% of clinics) is a huge opportunity for your clinic to beat your[…]

Why 9 out of 10 clinic blogs leave money on the table

  I have a clinic blog and it is very, very popular. My Google Analytics package tells me the traffic to my blog has grown 15% over the last year and I currently get 15,000 hits per month just to my blog. Is that good?   This is a common[…]

Why cosmetic clinics should be blogging in 2015

  2014 has ended and your clinic will be reviewing its marketing and advertising spend for 2015.  A big trend we are hearing from Practice Managers is that traditional marketing and advertising channels like magazine ads, TV ads, Radio ads or bill[…]

A Patient's Buying Journey Revealed

  If you’re waiting until a customer is ready to buy, you have already lost them. Price competition is not working any more, there is always someone willing to make less money. In this article we will explore what a buying journey is for a patient[…]