Are Cosmetic Injectables The Right Treatment for GPs To Offer?

Due to the popularity and exponential growth in the area of cosmetic injectables, it would seem to be the obvious treatment to add when venturing into aesthetics. But is this the case? The majority of medical practices add cosmetic injectables[…]

3 Reasons GPs Are Adding Aesthetic Treatments

Expanding non-Medicare revenue by adding or expanding aesthetic treatments is one of the growth areas for General Practice in 2019. If you are still on the fence with adding aesthetic treatments, or you don’t know where to start, read these three[…]

Why Medical Practices Are Getting Into Trouble

As a specialist marketing agency to GPs and Medical Practices taking over a lot of new clients' websites or managing websites on behalf of multiple practices, we see many medical practices get into trouble and losing control of their most important[…]

Why your clinic website just got more valuable

It may surprise you to learn that your clinic website is the most valuable marketing asset you have. Most clinics will say it’s their staff, expertise, technology or quality of service that is the most valuable.  BUT, consumers or patients will[…]

Medical Device Companies – The Good & The Bad Reps

Many clinics or practices have had a bad experience with a sales rep or two in the past. Be it a skincare, device or consumables supplier, there are some things you should look out for and some things that should be a warning bell for you to run for[…]